Architects and Design

Architects and Design

Architecture and Interior Design Consultancy for accurate audio and video communication included Light and Sound.
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Colour for Board Room/Video Conference Room

• Avoid unnecessary furniture or clutter in the room.

• Cabling pathways, cooling and power need to be designed in advance.

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Sound Masking

Sound masking reduces noise distractions, improves productivity and protects speech privacy. The modern workplace has a speech privacy problem. Speech privacy is the inability of an unintended listener to

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Shading Control

When deciding on a colour palette for your video conferencing room ( Board Room/Conference Room), neutral shades such as beige, pale grey, tan or a pale blue work best. These colours will provide the best background and reduce eye strain when focusing on digital videos.

Bright colors like yellow, orange, or red will cause color reflections and can be unflattering to your subject

Other things to consider

Carpet, window coverings, fabric chairs, plants, etc. can help. Avoid moving backgrounds such as curtains in a draft or people walking behind you. This may reduce image quality and distract the attention of those on the far end.

Adequate lighting

An evenly lit room is best. Typically, this is from overhead lighting. Do not sit directly facing a window or have a window directly behind you, this will create glare and/or shadows. Dark rooms with low light also create shadows and make it hard to distinguish facial features.